8th Annual CEM & Customer Loyalty MENA Summit

9 – 10 November 2021 | Dubai/Online

In today’s world of competitions along with constant changes all industries are striving to provide the best customer experience and loyalty programs. New era of personalisation is coming, but digitalisation does not disappear from the horizon. Companies that want to grow and prosper are searching for new ways to interact with their customers. So, how to make every customer feel like a valued member of the family?

The 8th Annual CEM & Customer Loyalty MENA Summit has been designed to provide insights on key strategies from top players on developing customer journey, brand admiration, customer centricity, ways to leverage AI, loyalty programs, digitalisation and much more. At this business conference leading cross-industry companies of the MENA region will share how to provide best-in-class services to their customers. What can be done to make customers feel valuable? Through what tactics can the customer lifetime value and loyalty be increased? How to bring the vision of a brand to life? Join us and have these questions answered.

Hot topics that will be discussed at this annual

  • Building your customer journey: From the first contact to a happy & loyal customer
  • Millennials and Boomers: How to connect with these generations?
  • Why most companies struggle to meet the expectations of their customers?
  • Customer centricity: Create a great, customer-centric company by regular communication with the customers
  • The impact of COVID-19: “Offline” person-to-person experience as the next horizon for personalisation?
  • Understanding the differences between omnichannel and multichannel – How to identify the right approach for your company?
  • The three E’s: Enablement, Enticement, Enrichment: How can we foster them?
  • The rules of building customer loyalty and retention
  • What challenges will the field face in 2022?



Head of CRM and Contact Centre


The Customer Journey: From the First Contact to Becoming a Happy & Loyal Customer

Customer experience is the perception/feeling of the customer when he/she interacts with the brand/service. Loyalty of the customer has a direct relation with the multiple touch points through which customer goes through during the life cycle of the product/service. A higher loyalty means higher retention and thereby higher profitability. The above-mentioned points cement the fact that a well-designed customer journey is a strategic business goal which any customer-oriented organisation must dwell into. The vision, mission and the core values of the organisation must reflect in the ethos of customer journey.

• Create seamless and hassle-free customer touch points
• Wow factor in the overall customer experience & creating legendary moments in the customer journey
• Developing customer-centric mindset among the employees and promoting customer first philosophy
• Intelligent utilisation of data and technology to make exceptional customer journey
• How the digitalisation is impacting on the customer experience


General Manager – Marketing, PR & CX International Markets


Creating Authentic Connections Across Generations

There are vast differences between the generations: Boomers, Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z; can you adapt your marketing approach to appeal to all target audiences, or is the best approach finding common ground?

• Having a deep understanding of your brand and how each generation relates to it
• Knowing your products and their USPs by generation
• Identifying generational differences and applying them strategically
• Seeking perfect harmony

Mohammed ALBATLI

Head of Customer Loyalty and Engagement


The New Rules of Building Customer Loyalty and Retention

Want your customers to stick to you like glue? Today it takes more than a coupon.

• Reasons to double-down on customer loyalty
• How strong is the customers’ tendency to select one brand over the competition?
• Through what tactics can the customer lifetime value and loyalty be increased?
• Customer retention strategies that work
• The step-by-step guide to nurture business customer loyalty


SVP Consumer Intelligence & Engagement


Driving Engagement at Scale Through Personalisation – A Case Based on Smiles

Engagement is the real oil to drive long-term loyalty and customer advocacy. The ability of using data and customer insights is essential to drive engagement and provides enhanced opportunities to monetise further. To unlock real customer advocacy, loyalty platforms need to move from being protective to a proactive approach to empower their members with endless opportunities to extract value from the programs.

• What is the future of loyalty and engagement programs?
• The power of customer insights and big data
• Building engagement by empowering customers
• The path to customer’s advocacy

Baycan KACAN

Director Corporate & Residential Sales, Customer Experience and Digital Transformation


Post-Pandemic CX Era: Needs & New Adaptions

Customer needs & demands have changed after the pandemic. The world went online, customer used more data; became more impatient, had to stay home due to lockdowns. Companies have to define well the new normal and new CX strategies need to be implemented. Digitalisation is one of the new CX approach. Omnichannel customer experience matters more than ever. Customer journeys should be redesigned taking into account the customer centricity and contactlessness. New technologies such as AI and RPA should be blended with traditional VoC methods in order to increase customer satisfaction and decrease complaints.

• Digital transformation
• Omnichannel approach
• Customer-centric & contactless journeys
• New techs; AI, RPA examples
• VoC programme examples

Excellent event, great knowledge. I really liked the variety of industries and experiences shared

- GM - Customer Satisfaction at Nikon

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