9th Annual Customer Experience Management and Customer Loyalty MENA Summit

8 – 9 November 2022 | Dubai

In today’s digital era, customer expectations are changing every day. The expectations are mainly shaped by advanced technology and they depend on previous experience with other companies and industries. Different generations are looking for different “added value” as they are aware of having a choice. What is a little extra you offer to your customers? Do they enjoy interaction with your brand? Are they supported when needed and is your care they are satisfied with?
The 9th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit and Customer Loyalty MENA Summit focuses on hot topics in the industry and gives you a great opportunity to hear about customer experience, B2B to B2C, as well as the latest trends, customer retention, digitalization, employee experience or personalization from the top players.
This interactive customer experience event has been designed for you to get together with the top experts in the industry. Don’t miss out on the great opportunity to network and discuss how to deliver a great customer experience, share your ideas and get inspired by experts from the field. Our customer experience event provides you with valuable tips, ideas and insights on how to transform your business into one your customers will be satisfied with.
The seats are limited, get your tickets today in order to ensure you will attend this CEM conference and stir up debate with senior-level decision-makers.

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • New battleground for companies: Customer experience
  • New era: From B2B to B2C
  • Customers deserve good experience
  • Customer retention: Brand’s ability to make customers stick to their services
  • Success of an organization: People who are part of it
  • Extremely customized marketing strategy: Hyper personalization
  • Omnichannel: The path to value
  • Help of business boom: Customer loyalty



General Manager


Humanizing Technology

Emotions and human touch sample case study: Aldo


Head of Customer Experience


Sustain Your CX. "What After"?

A moment during the journey, you will achieve a mile stone in the customer satisfaction, & looking forward to firmly hold the experience built in side your customer's brains, and the happy moments they felt when hearing or seeing your name / logo. Here we will talk about the CX best model for sustain CX:
• This model will build on engaging customers' needs to never end
• Create customer values & flow experiences across every touchpoint
• Employees are your frontline so improve how they work, customers will notice, and the CX will be endlessly improved
• Ability to respond to & even predict changes in customer needs & perception
• Resilience in future events with agility to adapt to changes
• Perfected every step of the way - remove silos


Vice President


Customer Retention

Customer Retention brand's ability to make customers stick to their services.
• Acquiring a new customer is more expensive than holding on to an existing one. How to handle it?
• Ill-treated customer feeling: Leaving the company and telling other people about it
• Ask, listen and improve – A huge gap in customer service
• Customer retention through website UX/UI
• Customer feedback for the win

Mian Omer SHAH

Head of Transformation


Measuring Expectations vs Experience Delivery Personally Yet Digitally

In today’s world every one perceives experience individually. Thus, it is becoming important to gather intelligent data through interactions to benchmark each customers’ expectations and to personalize the experience for each customer while keeping the cost in control.
• What promotes goodwill for a company amongst its current customers?
• What data points we tend to ignore?
• How can we prepare an individual expectation map?
• Gauge our delivery against each customer
• See impact on bottom line


Head of Omnichannel


Omnichannel: The Path to Value

Creating an online-to-offline seamless customer experience in automotive industry.

• Why Omnichannel?
• What is Omnichannel?
• How to implement it in your organization

Excellent event, great knowledge. I really liked the variety of industries and experiences shared.

– GM – Customer Satisfaction, Nikon

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